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Farrokh Rasekhi

Farrokh Rasekhi, M.S. in Structural Engineering in 1980, P.E. 1986, Lecturer/Instructor in the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering at the University of Miami, President and CEO of Structural Design Inc. (SDI) and Managing Member of Matrix Marine LLC on the East Coast.

Farrokh Rasekhi also, has a Masonry Inspector Certificate since 1990 and a Threshold Building Inspector's Certificate since 1988, all in the State of Florida.

His outstanding records of professional engineering expertise since 1973 and over 40 years of experiences in structural design of all kinds of projects provides valued engineering with respect to different project solutions. Although he taught as Lecturer/Instructor at the University of Miami from 1979 to 2001, he spends most of his time in actual design of structures including dealing with natural disasters which affect the integrity of the existing structures whether they are buildings, bridges, infrastructures, etc.

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