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In 1909 the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood (FPCH) was constructed as a chapel in the Hollywood area.  In 1926 the main church with its front bell tower was erected as a steel frame building with un-reinforced brick masonry and concrete windows on all four sides. In 1953 a portion of the tower at roof level was repaired. In 1994 the Northridge Earthquake caused the tower to sustain some damages including the existing concrete windows. In 2012, FPCH hired an outside  structural engineering firm to design the main tower for seismic  reinforcement  and  an architect A.I.A. to restore the original concrete windows of this historical building. Matrix company started the construction on November 2013 in two phases of seismic work. Phase one was the revitalization and restoration of the concrete windows by installing approximately 30,000 lbs of steel in the tower.  Phase two was the removal of 28,000 lbs of concrete from the four corners of the roof tower and replacing them with 1,500 lbs of hollow concrete. Additionally, all the concrete windows were repaired or replaced.

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